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vacay's here and gone

Well I'm back from 2 magical weeks. I started in Beijing where my friend and I went to markets, The Great Wall, to the Beijing opera and ate the famous Beijing Duck. Then we flew to Bangkok with a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong where we spent the day shopping and feeling a bit less of a culture shock. Bangkok was lovely but the prostitution made things a bit uncomfortable as the men seemed to not sense a distinction between working girls and travellers. We did go to the beach in Pattaya and ride the motor taxis which was fun. AND THE FOOD WAS FANTASTIC. Our last stop was in Cambodia which was my favourite part. We did Angor Wat at sunrise then spent the entire day in the ruins, taking pictures and climbing up temples. Also we rode an elephant some of the way which is a lot bumpier than I would have thought. We also did a pottery class and a cooking class in Cambodia. The weather was fantastic, the boys were cute and the food was just a delicious.

I miss it.
Candy avie by candyspark

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There's no one way for depression to affect a person:

  • sometimes there are tons of reasons to stay in bed and no good one's to get out of it. you feel helpless and lost and the focus isn't to not feel those things but to not feel a thing. so you burrow until the feeling passes.

  • sometimes you feel as if you're being bricked up alive and there's no stopping the suffocating feeling. sometimes you want to get out but most of the time you don't. it's safer in there.

  • and there are days when the medication works and the stars are aligned and you feel nothing. those days aren't great but at least you're functioning.

  • there are days when you think about dying and it's not so bad.

  • there are days when you think about living and it's the worst feeling in the world.

  • and the other times you flitter between sad and happy but it feels healthy enough for you (and the people around you) to want to believe that it's going to be okay.